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Byron Groom

2018-12-16 20:30:06 | Profile
Dope song mcl whoop whoop!

Alex Kasimov

2018-11-02 07:38:04 | Profile
this song reminds me of an ol buddy I use to hangout with woopwoop

Trudy Connor

2018-10-30 20:32:11 | Profile
I scared my ex with this song XD WHOOP WHOOP

Julia Janczak

2018-10-16 08:00:40 | Profile
ya know i like icp and twiztid familys fight but they end up making up to each other but i enjoy twiztid more m8 but i like them both


2018-09-24 12:43:18 | Profile
spot on with me and a girl named Jessica...same class, never really talked or anything but we were friendly. She moved away and missed me, so she had her friend that was still in classes with me give me her number. My dumbass was addicted to video games at the time, so i never called her. Month later when i did, i called literally 10 fucking minutes after she pulled the trigger. Took me the better of six years to stop blaming myself for her loss....i still feel some guilt about it...

Mimoy Moymoy

2018-09-03 22:35:02 | Profile
Im not a juggalo dont really like icp but this song is good.

Abdul Raman

2018-08-29 11:30:39 | Profile
My soul is still tortured by the girl I fell in love with


2018-08-26 20:58:57 | Profile
I just now realized she has done a lyrics video for Afraid of Me by TWIZTID. Now I have to subscribe since I have more than one of her videos in my playlist. X3


2018-08-21 01:05:59 | Profile
I named my dog Vera Lee.

Vadim Ibragimov

2018-08-16 18:57:47 | Profile
I had a vera lee once

Jesi Arevalo

2018-08-03 13:14:11 | Profile
dope the icp..


2018-08-03 00:37:50 | Profile
Am I the only one who can see the relationship between this song and in my room?