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genz loveu

2019-09-14 09:24:25 | Profile
Send her out the same way she kame in busted....


2019-08-09 10:21:46 | Profile
That ending was very scary. I feared she was about to get beat! Why was he in her face like that and rolling up his sleeves?

siapa aja boleh

2018-10-31 07:07:41 | Profile
Just let me find out.

selective hearing

2018-10-30 10:41:47 | Profile
he had some smooth tracks this album but they got overshadowed by this one this was the only that had a rap to it and people assume he was a rap artist

JiWan Killer

2018-10-28 20:13:58 | Profile
In the real life version he murdered her right?...how he was pacing in the beginning of the video this is not a calm and rational thinking dude


2018-10-15 03:10:37 | Profile
THOT always been around

Alison Plaisted

2018-10-03 05:09:48 | Profile
T.k brought me here...

ivan rousseau

2018-09-29 16:48:55 | Profile
I thought Otis Redding died in the 60s

pablo tores

2018-09-23 22:41:15 | Profile
That girl is beautiful


2018-09-18 11:11:29 | Profile
Cause you DISMISSED....